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Featured Alumni

Cinema and Interactive Media faculty have a passion for discovery, have records of high scholarly achievement and care deeply about the undergraduate and graduate students they teach, mentor, and advise. Their creative work, their research, their teaching, their publications, and their scholarly influence make this faculty one of the best in the nation.


Christina Lane

Chair, Department of Cinema and Interactive Media



Castro, Carolyn

Office Manager

Eva Alonso

Director of Advising

DeLellis, Trae

Cosford Manager/Programer

Landess, Tod

Equipment Room Manager

Kinsler, Shane

Equipment Room Manager

Tracey McSwiney-Kallaher

Graduate Studies Manager

Luis Herrera

Assistant Dean


Kyle Alvarez - Class of 2005

Director C.O.G at Sundance film festival.

David Nutter - Director

Games of Thrones,

Entourage,  Nip/Tuck


guate11 sebastian DavidNutter

Allegro, Anthony

Barnes, Grace

Chatterjee, Sanjeev

Ewing, Clay

Grinfeder, Kim

Habashi, Ali

Kontaxis, Konstantia

Lane, Christina

Lazarus, Paul

Leibell, Barbara

Lima, Rafael

McCain, Howard

Millet, Barbara

Musca, Thomas

Rothman, William

Seelig, Michelle

Soliday, John

Stern, Jeffrey

Talavera, Ed

Tran, Lien

Virga, Jim

Full Time

Part Time

Aguirre, Nicolas

Cardillo, Margaret

DeLellis, Robert

Eyman, Scott

Khalil, Ronnie

Mateu, Elizabeth

Singh, Sevika

Soboleski, Sarah