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The University of Miami’s Department of Cinema and Interactive Media (CIM) aims to prepare a new generation of innovators, storytellers, and leaders in the fields of cinema, transmedia, and

interaction design. We provide a comprehensive curriculum that combines critical understanding and hands-on experience. We focus on the ways that storytelling, design, and technology can entertain, influence, and transform how people communicate with each other and engage with the world.


Central areas of study in the Department of Cinema and Interactive Media include: production, screenwriting, producing, film/media studies, documentary, game design, interactive media, data visualization and emerging technologies.


Students of the Cinema and Interactive Media departments have the opportunity to participate in supervised internships, and in special hands-on study programs, such as the Summer Film Program in Prague, Film GREECE program and the Summer Photo Program in Spain.  Student-run Ufilm Studios allows students to create films outside of class. The CanesDocs site allow students to premier non-narrative videos. The juried UM Canes Film Festival showcases student work and the Los Angeles student screening at Paramount Studios exposes student achievements. Dedicated to offering a diverse and discerning program, the Bill Cosford Cinema showcases a variety of independent, international and classic cinema. The Norton Herrick Center for Motion Picture Studies is dedicated to the advancement of knowledge of the history, aesthetics and social and cultural impact of motion picture media.


CIMLA CanesDocs

Documentary filmmaking in Guatemala.

Students travel to Guatemala.


As one example of its rapid rise in reputation, the University of Miami’s recently added "Semester in Los Angeles Program" offers master classes with such powerhouses as Brett Ratner and Jon Landau, VIP field trips to major studios, and access to plum internships. Motion Picture students at the Miami campus (one of the most beautiful in the country) learn and practice their craft in a dynamic, international city—a prime destination for arts and culture as well as a leading media production hub. The program, which includes TV, games, and immersive experience, and provides the latest in technology, attracts students with diverse backgrounds and perspectives. Narrative feature filmmaking is encouraged through a fund supported by acclaimed director David Nutter. An interdisciplinary documentary concentration is offered. Many students say that what they appreciate most is the personal mentoring, flexibility, and hands-on education the program provides, encouraging them to find their niche. But, with Hollywood alumni like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Sylvester Stallone, and Barry Waldman to UM's name, there’s plenty of space for the commercially minded to flex their creative muscles.


2017 LA Screening

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